AGM 2021 (via ZOOM)



Chudleigh Community Project invite all residents of Chudleigh Parish to their AGM by Zoom on Wednesday 20th October at 8pm.

To be sent the Zoom link please email

All residents of Chudleigh Parish who are over 18 can vote at the AGM.

Chudleigh Community Project is a charity managed by ordinary local people. The committee and volunteers run Chudleigh Swimming Pool and Chudleigh Community Hall out of school hours. We also put on community events.


Chudleigh Pool and Community Hall to close to the public!

Did we get your attention? Because that could become reality.

No more swimming, no more pool parties, no more Taekwondo, no more badminton, no more Angel Heart Theatre, no more community events, etc.

Why? Chudleigh Community Project is run by a committee of just three trustees (our fourth trustee/committee member is there to represent the school, not run the charity); with a small number of committed helpers and staff. For many years we have asked for more people to become involved but the response has been, well, negligible.

Yes we have had a lot of volunteers in the pool kiosk over the years, for which we are very grateful. We have two very competent caretakers. We have excellent lifeguards during the season, and those willing to take responsibility for them. We have a matchless pool maintenance man and his team (but he’s been doing it since the pool began 30 years ago and could do with a long term deputy to take over at some point in the future).

But, it is on the committee that we most urgently need fresh blood, new ideas, others to help carry the load. None of us who are involved with CCP want to see it fold, but we can only do so much. It is often with reluctance that we stand as trustees. Because no one else seems to want to. In fact two of the current trustees did their time and left the committee only to have to come back because otherwise the charity could not go on. 

Every year we advertise our AGM, which is open to all, inviting Chudleigh to come and find out about us and maybe offer their services. And every year, certainly during the last 10 years, apart from one or two who have been personally invited, the response from Chudleigh has been underwhelming. In fact it has been nil. Zero. Zilch.

This year our meeting is going to be on Zoom again. Partly because we don’t think anyone will bother to come to a live meeting.

Do you think you could become involved? If so please email for an AGM Zoom link, or to ask one of the committee for a chat. We don’t bite. Honestly.

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