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Chudleigh Pool User Requirements


Booking and timetable



  • As well as online booking, some sessions may also allow ‘walk-ins’ (paying by cash or card); but be aware that you will be unable to swim if the session is fully booked. Therefore we recommend booking for all sessions.


  • If no users are booked in for Early Bird Lane Swimming by 10pm the previous evening the session will be withdrawn.


  • In extremely bad weather we may decide to close the pool for safety reasons. Our booking system asks for a contact number so that we can let you know if we are cancelling. You will be able to transfer your booking to another date.


Supervision of children


  • Children under 8 must be supervised by an adult (16+) in the water with them. No more than two under 8s per adult.


  • All children remain the responsibility of their parent/carer (we are not a childcare provider). It is the parent/carer’s decision on whether a child is responsible enough to be on site without an adult supervising them.


  • Please provide all unsupervised children with a means of contacting their parent/carer in an emergency.


Before leaving home


  • Do not come to the pool if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19, i.e. temperature, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell.


  • Showering pre swimming helps to keep the pool water clean, and reduces our chemical costs.


  • We suggest you are ‘swim ready’ when arriving at the pool as the session length includes your changing time at the start of the session.


  • Check the session’s instructions on arrival time and parking (this is on the booking site session details and on your booking email).


  • Take any equipment/aids with you (floats, kickboards etc.) ensuring it is clean and identifiable as yours before you arrive.


  • To aid with entry please be ready to show your booking confirmation on a phone if possible.


When at the pool


  • Please WAIT AT THE TOP ENTRY GATE for the lifeguard or kiosk volunteer to let you in at the start of your session.


  • Please follow the session guidance on pre swim arrival, duration of the swim/session and post swim arrangements.


  • Familiarise yourself with the signs around the pool. Especially the ‘Pool Rules’.


  • The changing room are available but you can still change on poolside under the shelter if you would prefer.


  • Do not leave any belongings in the changing rooms. Boxes are available for you to put your belongings in. These can be stored in the kiosk for sessions where a kiosk volunteer is in attendance.


  • Toilets are available.


  • As well as separate male and female changing rooms and toilets, there is a disabled/gender-neutral changing room/toilet.


  • When your session ends, exiting the pool site will be back via the top gate (the metal gate next to the changing rooms will be kept shut for security).




  • People of different standards and abilities will be using the pool.  Please respect their right to enjoy their swim.


  • Always attempt to maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and other pool users.


  • Wide strokes such a butterfly should not be used. Please stick to front crawl and breaststroke where possible. Backstroke can be used but please remember this is an open air pool and it can be difficult to gauge keeping in a straight line.

Last Revised 27/04/2022

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